I've been shooting photos now since the mid 1990s when I got my first "real" camera, a Canon 1000NF, an international version of the early Rebel series of film SLRs. For the first years, I kept it on the "green box," and just pointed it in the direction of beautiful things. Like magic, the photos just came out. Usually.

Fast forward about 30 years, and I've now learned how to create the photos I want, rather than let the camera decide. And, I can do that for you.

I have experience in most types of photography, to include portraits, events, and weddings. I also have done quite a lot of travel, landscape, night, astrophotography, and even fashion. I also offer basic tutoring and photo walks in the Kansas City area.

Please contact me at 816-372-5131 or through the contact page on this website.